Coba Baca Activities

The current activities of Coba Baca:

Playing chess. 8 chess-sets are available. And other educational games.

Drawing (every Sunday). Kids, by taking turns, can draw or sketch freely for two hours.

Playing Soccer . Coba Baca has 2 junior soccerteams, FC Coba Baca and FC Magic. Each team consists of 7 boys. A few times a year Coba Baca will organize a soccer tournament. Teams from the surrounding villages (even far away) are invited to play and try to win the much wanted challengecup. There many soccerfans on Bali.

Drama performances . A few times a year a (small) play will be rehearsed by about 14 highly motivated children. The kids make the props together with Mulianing, who sometimes even writes the play herself and finds the right music. People are invited to watch the performance.

As already mentioned: Coba Baca hopes, that the courses and activities will stimulate people to start or go on reading.

Here are some of our plans for the future.

Coba Baca wants to become a cultural/educational center, so she can organize more activities for the community, like the following:

  • organize courses for women and children, who don't/didn't have the possibility to receive an education. If they are interested, we could teach them a few useful basic skills.
  • invite guestspeakers: writers, musicians, painters, other artists and professionals.
  • provide information, using the courses or workshops, about certain issues, existing in the local community, and brought to our attention by the community.
  • excursions and visit places, that are of economic social and/or cultural importance.
  • computercourses on different levels.
  • dancelessons, traditional and modern.
  • we have noticed that the library attracts people. We like to be a meetingpoint, where people can meet in a relaxed atmosphere and talk ....

In this case a van would be very helpful, which we can use as a mobile library. Then we could go even to more remote villages with books, useful information and games. Besides, the car could be used for other purposes too, like transportation of (bought) books, or equipment and other things, like organizing small scale excursions, etc. For books and equipment we always have to go the South of Bali.