Coba Baca Courses

Current courses for 'the young and the old'

  • English language
  • Indonesian
  • Dutch
  • Playing guitar
  • Drama
  • Drawing
  • Lectures

English language courses on different levels. And Indonesian and Dutch language courses on a smaller scale. Coba and Mulianing organize and conduct these courses.

Guitarlessons. Febe teaches children playing guitar on different levels. Six guitars are available.

A Dramaclass (including perfpormance skills), for children is conducted by Mulianing.

Drawinglessons for kids are given by Febe.

The Lectures are meant for everyone, who is interested in Bali. The lectures about "The Balinese Society" are in English or in Dutch and are held by Peer. The subjects of the lectures: 1- Cultural Customs, 2 + 3- Religion/Balinese Hinduism , 4- Society, 5- History.

Because of the fact that the children attend these courses and lessons at the library, they get more and more interested in books.