Support Coba Baca.

Do you wish to support Coba Baca, a donation will be very much appreciated. You can transfer your donation to the following bankaccountnumber.

Do you want information about the various one time, recurring donation- or sponsor-possibilities, please contact the foundation, Stichting Coba Baca Nederland, (Foundation Coba Baca in The Netherlands) by sending an e-mail to Jan Willem Maas, our contact and treasurer of the foundation. ( or

You can also donate via the internet.

This possibility is an online donation module, that consists of an internetconnection , you can activate with this link.

Our site is connected with a company, called 'Stichting GeefGratis', that carries out the paymentorders/donations.

It's an userfriendly system, set up in various (European) languages, that you can choose from.

The following ways of donating are possible. (Please note: some ways of donating are more suitable for Dutch tax paying citizens, so these are not mentioned below. You still can find them on the site of 'Stichting GeefGratis'.)

  • Creditcards: Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club.
    These donations can be anonymous.
  • IDEAL: via Rabobank, ABN AMRO, Postbank (ING). Also possible anonymous.
  • Power of Attorney: not anonymous.
  • Wallie: allways anonymous .
  • Paypal: anonymous is also possible.
  • AcceptEmail: not anonymous.
  • DirectEbankng: anonymous is possible.
  • Direct-Debt: not anonymous.

About the revenues and expenses of Coba Baca :

All revenues of Coba Baca consist for the largest part of occasional, one time gifts and regular recurring donations. Furthermore they consist for a smaller part of library membership fees. All proceeds are intended to benefit Coba Baca . Coba Baca spends the money on buying new books and on carrying out the maintenance of books and library.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.