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Coba Baca Newsletter 16, August 2013

Dear sponsors, contributors and supporters of Coba Baca,

Holidays or no holidays. Coba Baca has always a lot to do, as you can read down below.       

International Childrenbooks Day was April the 2nd Coba Baca organized a drawing- and a reading aloud competition. Coba Baca asked the children to make a beautiful drawing of or read aloud from their favourite book. The little ones had a colouring game of their own. It was busy busy and kids were eagerly drawing or reading aloud, sometimes two at the same time. Proud parents were also present. The available prizes: of course books an everybody received a teddybear or another cuddly toy. These prizes were donated by friends.

Marieke Nieuwstraten, student at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands was an intern at Coba Baca from the 4th of March until 26th of May.
She carried out an interesting researchproject about the ins and outs of our foundation in relation to the Eight Millenium Goals of the United Nations.
Her report – we are sorry only in Dutch – can be found on the welcomepage of our website Klick there on the frame with the indication “Klik hier om stageverslagen te lezen”. (If you understand this sentence, maybe you can read the report too.) We just heard that Marieke successfully finished her studies. Congratulations!

From the 23rd until 26th of May Coba attended in Legian a conference of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). IBBY was founded in 1953 by Jella Lepman. She was utterly convinced that children, who had experienced the disastrous years of World War II, could be cured/recuperate by reading beautiful childrenbooks.

‘Now, after earthquakes and other disasters’, mrs. Murti Buanta and INABBY (indonesian department of IBBY) show indonesian children how they can benefit /see the positive importance of their own books and of books from other parts of the world. There are sessions of reading aloud to children, talking with them, and helping them to examine their feelings of loss and sorrow and to start a normal productive life.  

In the first week-end of July Coba Baca organized (again) an indoorsoccer tournament. Eight teams coming from Lovina and the surrounding villages were competing. They were divided in two groups Every team had to play at least three games. Most teams were sponsored with shirts, shorts etc. by local companies. 

The semi-finals and final on the second day were sensational encouraged by a  cheering supportive crowd. This major effort the players put into the games was visible and audible. After two exciting days the cups, accompanied by personal certificates of accomplishment and a modest amount of prizemoney were presented by two boardmenbers of the foundation Coba Baca in Holland.
It was very convenient that they both work in hospitals. So they, as specialists, were manning the First Aid-post. We were habpy they could be here.

The second week-end of July the staff of Coba Baca organized a ‘Modern Dance’ competition together with a lottery. Although we had rented a cover against the rain, we were in luck. We didnt need it.  It was a magnificent day. This year as opposed to last year at the ‘Streetdance’ competition we used a professional Sound System with huge speakers...

Beside supporters, many familymembers of the participants, people on the road going somewhere stopped to watch the performances. Also on the other side of the mainroad more spectators were watching. Six groups competed.
A difference with last year was that this year also boys were competing.
The international jury consisting of three ladies from Indonesia, England and Holland had the difficult task to choose between the performances .
The level of the performances of all the groups was of a high standard. The groups performed totally different dances with surprising beautiful costumes.

There was an ‘all boys’ group (4) with a machodance with hiphop influences.
The dance of another group with girls and a boy started with influences from balinese dances and music, like the Kecak dance (‘tjakketjak’ monkey/warrior dance) and gradually the dance developed into a more modern one.
Their costumes were beautyful and original. The ‘all boys; group finished third. The ‘Kecak’ group of three was the real winner.

The three best performing groups were presented with a cup, accompanied with a personal certificate of achievement. They were also presented with a modest amount of prizemoney. N.B.: two dancegroups of Coba Baca finished second and third (all-boys group). We were very proud of them.

The daughter of the Dutch lady of the jury is Romey. She is still the dutch champion Streetdance’ (defends her title) and known to us from her last time performance. Also now she gave an amazing ‘one minute’ streetdance demonstration. We recommend: ‘don’t try this at home, or anywhere else’. One minute is long enough. You get tired just watching it.    

After the ‘Modern Dance’ competition was finished, the lottery was held and possibly dissapointed spectators had a chance to eventually go home happy.

This chance was ‘big’. By buying lotterytickets (rp 5.000), many prizes were offered, like: one won a teddybear, a haircurler and a backpack, another one won a birdcage, a set of schoolnotebooks and two speakers. These items were dontated by friends of Coba Baca.

We have, for Coba Baca, a sad announcement: our treasurer and accountant Febe leaves us at the 1st of October. With her tireless effort she contributed so much to the start and the following three years of Coba Baca. She played important role at Coba Baca. We owe her a lot of gratitude.
Thank you Febe and we wish you a lot of succes in the future!
In the meantime we took on two new employees: Enik works five days a week and  Wintarini works full-time. Wintarini was already a member of the board.
The duties of Febe are divided between the two.      

News about building the extension of the library at a different location – the start of the construction is still at the beginning of 2014.
Our ambassador and contact in the Netherlands, Kirsten, many friends and familymembers are or have been busy in Holland with a lot of activities. We like to thank everyone for the outstanding effort you (have) put into this project. 
Coba Baca wish everybody happy holidays. May you already enjoyed your holydays, we hope that in any case you enjoyed the nice weather. On Bali the rainy seasion is really over. It is save to say that now...
Coba Baca Team.


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Appendix: information about the project of the Foundation Coba Baca in North-Bali, 2014.

The project: building an extension to an already existing two story building, together to be used as ‘Library and Studycenter Coba Baca’, situated in the village of Tukad Mungga (Lovina) in the North of Bali.

The existing building has a surface-area of 100m². The extension to be built at the back consists of a groundfloor and a first floor, each 50,5m², a total of 101m², realising a  total surface-area of 201m², almost twice the size of the current rented space. Please see the attached 3D drawings (the extension runs from the little roofs, down to the back) on the webpage ’News’. 

The budget is about € 25.500. This money will only be used for building the extension, nothing else. Please see our attached exact budgetsurvey.

The foundation is made of enforced concrete. For the walls red bricks will be used. The roof is a supportive construction of aluminium beams, covered with rooftiles. 

The buildingperiod of 10 weeks is planned (depending on the received financial support) in the months of January until April 2014.

At the moment Coba Baca rents the groundfloor of a hotel in the center of Lovina until the 1st. May 2015. Every three years when a renewal of the rental contract is due, the rent goes up so quickly, that the foundation cannot afford
a next renewal (on the 1st. May 2015).
The rental prices in the region will continue to rise, because the Indonesian government plans to build a commercial airport in the North of Bali.

Not to be subjected over and over again to these whimsical practices of the local ‘landlords’, the foundation has been looking for (it’s own private) land and building at another suitable location in Lovina. Coba Baca has been lucky to succeed in finding a good location.

Beside this reason for building an extension, there is another one. Coba Baca is doing very well – the foundation plays an important role in the local community.
To accommodate the still growing number of members, building an extension is an excellent solution.

To eventually collect the € 25.500 we would like to contact potential contributors. But we also appreciate it if they would contact their friends and/or relatives, in other words check their network on potential financial supporters. We are interested in every reaction.   

More information (additional 3D drawings, annual balance report, policyplan, brochure) is available on request at the following contacts:

Kirsten van der Vegt,
The Netherlands e-mailaddress:
Peer Maas; on Bali, Indonesa e-mailaddress:

For this project we use the above mentioned regular bankaccountnumber, onlywith another reference:  ‘Project Coba Baca’ with possibly the name of the contributor.