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Coba Baca Newsletter 19, June 2015

Dear contributors and fans of Coba Baca,

It is already some time ago that you received news about us. Naturally you received news about Coba Baca via Facebook. More news about the library you can find on our website in our files/archive at ‘News’ under the last added newsletter. Of course we did not sit back and relax.

Last year in June we finished the building project, save a few things that had to be installed, adjusted or repaired. The delayed start of the rainy season gave us the chance to see if the building was rain proof.

On the 15th of March 2015 we were finished with moving to the new location, lay-out and furnishing. The new address is Jalan Segara Wangi in the village of Tukadmungga. It is just 2 km away from the former library in the village of Kalibukbuk. It is still in Lovina.

After the 15th of March we opened in a modest way to make a test run. We didn’t do any promotion for the new location. We just put a few signposts on the main road and were happy to see that many of the local people had no trouble finding the new library.
We registered many new members and many kids already members stayed on.

The local government of Tukadmungga welcomed us expressing support and enthusiasm about Coba Baca. Coba Baca is now very well known in Lovina. So to have a library in your village looks very positive and is considered an image boost.

May was our very 'soft opening month': all kids, who came in got a teddy.
Friends in Holland sent us a very big box filled with teddies. And you know everybody loves a teddy!
Kids, who become a member get a Coba Baca bag with in it a (reading) book and a Pen - 'teddy (bears) and bags as long as stocks last'.

Winta, our secretary, became pregnant. She has now really the most beautiful and sweetest baby in the whole wide world (see picture). Winta started working again, full-time. Our youngest visitor doesn’t complain about all the attention she receives. This is 'daycare Bali Style'

Coba, Maheni and Winta are again busy with teaching English, Indonesian, Dutch and computer skills.

One of the big advantages of the new library is that classes are held separately and upstairs.
Another advantage is the fact that it is located far away from the main road. The teachers are not disturbed by the on-going noise of the traffic.
Also kids are a lot safer. When they pass through our gate they do not come out on the busy main road, but just on a quiet side road.   

Coba together with Marijke and Pascale set up a ladies-only meeting club. The ladies meet once a month. At the meeting all kinds of subjects, that need attention, are discussed. The number of ladies attending the meeting is growing every month.

To conclude with another positive fact: in the month of April Coba Baca bought a new car, Toyota 'Avanza', which surprisingly provides a lot of space.

'Last but not least' we hope that the difficult times get less difficult for everybody. Some say there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

The past years we have seen so many positive things. Our sponsors, all our
contributors  and the people, who helped us to move the library, were an important part of these positive things. Our heartfelt gratitude to you all.

Oh, by the way opening hours changed: Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Coba Baca Team.

Coba Baca Team.

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